async LiquidHandler.dispense_plate(plate: Plate, volume: float, flow_rate: Optional[float] = None, end_delay: float = 0, **backend_kwargs)#

Dispense to all wells in a plate.


Dispense an entire 96 well plate:

>>> dispense96(plate, volume=50)
  • resource – Resource name or resource object.

  • pattern – Either a list of lists of booleans where inner lists represent rows and outer lists represent columns, or a string representing a range of positions. Default all.

  • volume (float) – The volume to dispense to each well.

  • flow_rate (Optional[float]) – The flow rate to use when aspirating, in ul/s. If None, the backend default will be used.

  • end_delay (float) – The delay after the last dispense in seconds, optional. This is useful for when the tips used in the dispense are dripping.

  • backend_kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for the backend, optional.

  • plate (Plate) –