Plate.set_well_volumes(volumes: Union[List[List[float]], List[float], float]) None#

Update the volume in the volume tracker of each well in the plate.


volumes (Union[List[List[float]], List[float], float]) – A list of volumes, one for each well in the plate. The list can be a list of lists, where each inner list contains the volumes for each well in a column. If a single float is given, the volume is assumed to be the same for all wells. Volumes are in uL.


ValueError – If the number of volumes does not match the number of wells in the plate.

Return type



Set the volume of each well in a 96-well plate to 10 uL.

>>> plate = Plate("plate", 127.0, 86.0, 14.5, num_items_x=12, num_items_y=8)
>>> plate.update_well_volumes(10)