Configuring PLR#

The pylabrobot.config module provides the Config class for configuring PLR. The configuration can be set programmatically or loaded from a file.

The configuration currently only supports logging configuration.

The Config class#

You can create a Config object as follows:

import logging
from pathlib import Path
from pylabrobot.config import Config

config = Config(

Then, call pylabrobot.configure to apply the configuration:

import pylabrobot

Loading from a file#

PLR supports loading configuration from a number of file formats. The supported formats are:

  • INI files

  • JSON files

Files are loaded using the pylabrobot.config.load_config function:

from pylabrobot.config import load_config
config = load_config("config.json")

import pylabrobot

If no file is found, a default configuration is used.

load_config has the following parameters:

def load_config(
  base_file_name: str,
  create_default: bool = False,
  create_module_level: bool = True
) -> Config:

A pylabrobot.ini file is used if found in the current directory. If not found, it is searched for in all parent directories. If it still is not found, it gets created at either the project level that contains the .git directory, or the current directory.

INI files#

Example of an INI file:

level = DEBUG
log_dir = .

JSON files#

  "logging": {
    "level": "DEBUG",
    "log_dir": "."