Plate Readers


Plate Readers#

PyLabRobot supports the following plate readers:

Plate readers are controlled by the PlateReader class. This class takes a backend as an argument. The backend is responsible for communicating with the plate reader and is specific to the hardware being used.

from pylabrobot.plate_reading import PlateReader
backend = SomePlateReaderBackend()
pr = PlateReader(backend=backend)
await pr.setup()

The setup() method is used to initialize the plate reader. This is where the backend will connect to the plate reader and perform any necessary initialization.

The PlateReader class has a number of methods for controlling the plate reader. These are:

  • open(): Open the plate reader and make the plate accessible to robotic arms.

  • close(): Close the plate reader and prepare the machine for reading.

  • read_luminescence(): Read luminescence from the plate.

  • read_absorbance(): Read absorbance from the plate.

Read a plate:

await pr.close()
results = await pr.read_absorbance()

results will be a width x height array of absorbance values.


The BMG CLARIOStar plate reader is controlled by the CLARIOStar class.

from pylabrobot.plate_reading.clario_star import CLARIOStar
c = CLARIOStar()