Microplates are modelled by the Plate class consist of equally spaced wells. Wells are children of the Plate and are modelled by the Well class. The relative positioning of Wells is what determines their location. Plate is a subclass of ItemizedResource, allowing convenient integer and string indexing.

There is some standardization on plate dimensions by SLAS, which you can read more about in the ANSI SLAS 1-2004 (R2012): Footprint Dimensions doc. Note that PLR fully supports all plate dimensions, sizes, relative well spacings, etc.


Plates can optionally have a lid, which will also be a child of the Plate class. The lid is modelled by the Lid class.

Measuring nesting_z_height#

The nesting_z_height is the overlap between the lid and the plate when the lid is placed on the plate. This property can be measured using a caliper.

nesting_z_height measurement