async LiquidHandler.aspirate(resources: Union[Container, Sequence[Container]], vols: Union[List[float], float], use_channels: Optional[List[int]] = None, flow_rates: Optional[Union[float, List[Optional[float]]]] = None, end_delay: float = 0, offsets: Union[Coordinate, None, Sequence[Optional[Coordinate]]] = None, liquid_height: Union[float, None, List[Optional[float]]] = None, **backend_kwargs)#

Aspirate liquid from the specified wells.


Aspirate a constant amount of liquid from the first column:

>>> lh.aspirate(plate["A1:H1"], 50)

Aspirate an linearly increasing amount of liquid from the first column:

>>> lh.aspirate(plate["A1:H1"], range(0, 500, 50))

Aspirate arbitrary amounts of liquid from the first column:

>>> lh.aspirate(plate["A1:H1"], [0, 40, 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400])

Aspirate liquid from wells in different plates:

>>> lh.aspirate(plate["A1"] + plate2["A1"] + plate3["A1"], 50)

Aspirating with a 10mm z-offset:

>>> lh.aspirate(plate["A1"], vols=50, offsets=[Coordinate(0, 0, 10)])

Aspirate from a blue bucket (big container), with the first 4 channels (which will be spaced equally apart):

>>> lh.aspirate(blue_bucket, vols=50, use_channels=[0, 1, 2, 3])
  • resources (Union[Container, Sequence[Container]]) – A list of wells to aspirate liquid from. Can be a single resource, or a list of resources. If a single resource is specified, all channels will aspirate from the same resource.

  • vols (Union[List[float], float]) – A list of volumes to aspirate, one for each channel. If vols is a single number, then all channels will aspirate that volume.

  • use_channels (Optional[List[int]]) – List of channels to use. Index from front to back. If None, the first len(wells) channels will be used.

  • flow_rates (Optional[Union[float, List[Optional[float]]]]) – the aspiration speed. In ul/s. If None, the backend default will be used.

  • end_delay (float) – The delay after the last aspiration in seconds, optional. This is useful for when the tips used in the aspiration are dripping.

  • offsets (Union[Coordinate, None, Sequence[Optional[Coordinate]]]) – List of offsets for each channel, a translation that will be applied to the aspiration location. If None, no offset will be applied.

  • liquid_height (Union[float, None, List[Optional[float]]]) – The height of the liquid in the well, in mm.

  • backend_kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for the backend, optional.