async LiquidHandler.move_lid(lid: Lid, to: Union[Plate, ResourceStack, Coordinate], intermediate_locations: Optional[List[Coordinate]] = None, resource_offset: Coordinate = Coordinate(x=0, y=0, z=0), to_offset: Coordinate = Coordinate(x=0, y=0, z=0), get_direction: GripDirection = GripDirection.FRONT, put_direction: GripDirection = GripDirection.FRONT, pickup_distance_from_top: float = 5.7, **backend_kwargs)#

Move a lid to a new location.

A convenience method for move_resource().


Move a lid to the ResourceStack:

>>> lh.move_lid(plate.lid, stacking_area)

Move a lid to the stacking area and back, grabbing it from the left side:

>>> lh.move_lid(plate.lid, stacking_area, get_direction=GripDirection.LEFT)
>>> lh.move_lid(stacking_area.get_top_item(), plate, put_direction=GripDirection.LEFT)
  • lid (Lid) – The lid to move. Can be either a Plate object or a Lid object.

  • to (Union[Plate, ResourceStack, Coordinate]) – The location to move the lid to, either a plate, ResourceStack or a Coordinate.

  • resource_offset (Coordinate) – The offset from the resource’s origin, optional (rarely necessary).

  • to_offset (Coordinate) – The offset from the location’s origin, optional (rarely necessary).

  • intermediate_locations (Optional[List[Coordinate]]) –

  • get_direction (GripDirection) –

  • put_direction (GripDirection) –

  • pickup_distance_from_top (float) –


ValueError – If the lid is not assigned to a resource.