async LiquidHandler.move_resource(resource: Resource, to: Coordinate, intermediate_locations: List[Coordinate] | None = None, resource_offset: Coordinate = Coordinate(x=0, y=0, z=0), destination_offset: Coordinate = Coordinate(x=0, y=0, z=0), pickup_distance_from_top: float = 0, get_direction: GripDirection = GripDirection.FRONT, put_direction: GripDirection = GripDirection.FRONT, **backend_kwargs)#

Move a resource to a new location.

Has convenience methods move_plate() and move_lid().


Move a plate to a new location:

>>> lh.move_resource(plate, to=Coordinate(100, 100, 100))
  • resource (Resource) – The Resource object.

  • to (Coordinate) – The absolute coordinate (meaning relative to deck) to move the resource to.

  • intermediate_locations (List[Coordinate] | None) – A list of intermediate locations to move the resource through.

  • resource_offset (Coordinate) – The offset from the resource’s origin, optional (rarely necessary).

  • destination_offset (Coordinate) – The offset from the location’s origin, optional (rarely necessary).

  • pickup_distance_from_top (float) – The distance from the top of the resource to pick up from.

  • get_direction (GripDirection) – The direction from which to pick up the resource.

  • put_direction (GripDirection) – The direction from which to put down the resource.