class pylabrobot.resources.tecan.tecan_resource.TecanResource(name: str, size_x: float, size_y: float, size_z: float, off_x: float = 0, off_y: float = 0, category: str | None = None, model: str | None = None)#

Bases: Resource

Base class for Tecan deck resources.

  • name (str) – The name of the resource.

  • size_x (float) – The size of the resource in the x-direction.

  • size_y (float) – The size of the resource in the y-direction.

  • size_z (float) – The size of the resource in the z-direction.

  • off_x (float) – Offset in x-direction relative to rails

  • off_y (float) – Offset in y-direction relative to rails

  • category (str | None) – The category of the resource, e.g. tips, plate_carrier, etc.

  • model (str | None)