async LiquidHandler.drop_tips96(resource: TipRack | Trash, offset: Coordinate = Coordinate(x=0, y=0, z=0), allow_nonzero_volume: bool = False, **backend_kwargs)#

Drop tips using the 96 head. This will drop 96 tips.


Drop tips to a 96-tip tiprack:

>>> lh.drop_tips96(my_tiprack)

Drop tips to the trash:

>>> lh.drop_tips96(lh.deck.get_trash_area96())
  • resource (TipRack | Trash) – The tip rack to drop tips to.

  • offset (Coordinate) – The offset to use when dropping tips.

  • allow_nonzero_volume (bool) – If True, the tip will be dropped even if its volume is not zero (there is liquid in the tip). If False, a RuntimeError will be raised if the tip has nonzero volume.

  • backend_kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for the backend, optional.