async LiquidHandler.discard_tips96(allow_nonzero_volume: bool = True, **backend_kwargs)#

Permanently discard tips from the 96 head in the trash. This method only works when this LiquidHandler is configured with a deck that implements the get_trash_area96 method. Otherwise, an ImplementationError will be raised.


Discard the tips on the 96 head:

>>> lh.discard_tips96()
  • allow_nonzero_volume (bool) – If True, the tip will be dropped even if its volume is not zero (there is liquid in the tip). If False, a RuntimeError will be raised if the tip has nonzero volume.

  • backend_kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for the backend, optional.


ImplementationError – If the deck does not implement the get_trash_area96 method.